I’m a psychoanalyst, member of the French Société de Psychanalyse Freudienne. Founded in 1994, the association’s purpose is to transmit psychoanalysis and to train analysts. Its open spirit to contemporary issues and its rigorous ethics are the main reasons I applied to become a member; I was accepted in 2010.

I am also a member of another association, Regain de la Psychanalyse, which aims at spreading psychotherapy among poor and destitute people. Furthermore, I work pro bono as a listener at the suicide watch hotline SOS Amitiés.

My practice of psychoanalysis is open to the world as it is, sometimes dealing with new issues that don’t come by the book, but are no less painful to deal with (ie transgender issues). As a therapist I rely on listening to what the unconscious mind has to say, which can be come out in unpredictable ways; through a word, tension in the voice, minor incidents (majors ones too, unfortunately) in daily life.

I am also trained in the body-mind approach of Gestalt therapy. These tools, complementary to analysis are help to unlock tensions and allow further in-depth work.

Regarding my experience, I have worked for a few decades in publishing, including in the United States, where I lived for nearly ten years. Former editor in chief for Psychology Magazine, in charge of the publication’s international department (that took me from China to South Africa, Russia, the UK, Mexico…), I am fully bilingual and the sessions can therefore take place in English as well as in French.

I am a published author of several books in France, including an investigation on sleep and insomnia, as well as a short story in English published by Hayden’s Ferry Review.



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