During the pandemic, counceling sessions are held either in person, at my office, in full respect of the sanitary measures, or over the phone. These are trying times for all of us, and I ‘m ready to adjust my fees to your financial situation.
If you need help, call me at  06 84 82 85 80

Philippe ROMON
Psychotherapist in Paris

Member of the international
Société de Psychanalyse Freudienne

If you’re reading this page, it’s most certainly because you are – or someone close to you is – going through a rough patch in life. One of those moments when you feel in need of help. Acknowledging your difficulties is not a sign of weakness. Much to the contrary, it’s a first step, a strength upon which you will be able to rely.

But finding the right person to take you along that path is not easy, especially when you feel so vulnerable. So many questions come to mind: How do I choose the therapist that’s right for me? How long will it last? How much is it going to cost?  What actually happens during a session ?

Finding the right therapist is the key. You need to be able to trust someone in order to let go – and I, as your therapist, will need that trust to help you. Therefore, I suggest a preliminary meeting. It’s already a real session, where you introduce yourself and your issues and get a feeling of what us working together would be like. We will discuss the frame of that possible therapy : the methods I propose, the frequency of our meetings, the cost. From there on, the decision is yours!

The pages on this site should give you answers to some of the questions you might have about my approach to therapy, my training and my ethics.

For any additional information, please contact me by phone or by email.



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